The Bank of England or "Bank of Extinction" as termed by the climate activists in London was splattered with black dye on Thursday. 

Activists of the environmental movement Extinction Rebellionare are protesting against and condemning the role of the financial sector in what they call a climate catastrophe.

As per London police, four people were arrested. Three for criminal charges and another for trespassing. 

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In a "Money Rebellion", the main entrance of "the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street" building was sprayed by activists. Some of the protestors were dressed as jesters, reported Reuters. They are targeting private banks too.

The group Extinction Rebellion said, "The action today is part of a wave of actions by XR’s Money Rebellion designed to expose the role of banks in the climate and ecological crisis."  

Emphasizing the destruction predicted to be caused by scientists due to climate change, the activists' group aim to set off a rebellion acting against the role of banks and the modern social, economic, and political societal structures to stop them from funding climate change. 

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With "No more fossil fuels," and "This bank is killing us," banners, activists said the Bank of England failed to be strict enough with the commercial banks to stop this funding. It urges the bank to be stricter with the financial sector, reported Reuters. 

Accusing the Bank of England to be a pillar of the problematic economic model which prioritises financial growth above the health of the planet, a 22-year-old activist said, "It is not OK that the Bank of England can distribute money to companies that are destroying our planet whilst millions face the destruction of their future because of their actions."

"The government is doing everything they can to greenwash themselves when at the same time we have a financial system in this country that is actively financing companies and institutions that are destroying the planet," she added.