Kushinagar, Sep 12 (PTI) Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday dubbed the Congress as “mother of terrorism” and the Samajwadi Party a “bichhu” without naming it.

The chief minister launched the attack on the opposition parties in Kushinagar while laying foundation stones for projects worth Rs 400 crore in the district, shortly after inaugurating the district prison in Sant Kabir Nagar built at the cost of Rs 126 crore.

Adityanath also accused the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party governments of liking “darkness”, after allegedly having failed to ensure proper power supply to people.

"The Congress is the mother of all terrorism in the country," said Adityanath, adding it “will not get shoulders of even two people after the 2022 assembly elections”.

He also attacked the Samajwadi Party without naming it.

"Those who fired bullets at devotees of Lord Ram and support the Taliban with their casteism and dynastic mindset will never be tolerated by the people of the state. Remember, a 'bichhu' (scorpion) will sting, wherever it is," he said.

"What was UP lacking? What has the Congress, SP and BSP given it except the disease, unemployment, mafia rule and corruption?” asked Adityanath.

“Had work been done on developmental schemes in the past, the Congress would not have got merely seven seats in the last assembly elections,” said the chief minister, adding “they will not get the shoulders of even two people in the 2022 elections”.

"Congress gives only diseases, insults the faith of Lord Rama and encourages the mafia. But the BJP makes the people healthy, paves the way for the building of a grand Ram temple in Ayodhya and sends the mafia to their rightful place," he said.

"The Congress is the mother of all terrorism in the country. There is no need to tolerate those giving wounds to the country. The BJP gives respect to all and all faiths," the chief minister added.

Attacking the SP and BSP, Adityanath asked people if they are getting power supply and ration presently.

As they replied in the affirmative, he asked again if they used to get it during the "Abba Jaan" and "Bahan Ji" governments and went on to answer himself, “The SP and BSP used to like darkness."