Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has been named the safest city in the world, according to a recent study by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The study took into account 60 cities across 76 indicators, comprising digital, health, infrastructure, personal and environmental security. The cities were scored on the basis of these parameters out of 100. Copenhagen, which scored the highest, received 82.4 points.

Two Indian cities — New Delhi and Mumbai — have managed to make it to the list of top 50 safest cities of the world.

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Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, has scored 78 points out of 100 to manage the 10th spot among the top 10 safest cities. The Australian city of Melbourne is at the ninth spot with 78.6 points. With 78.6 points as well, Hong Kong has been ranked the eighth safest city in the world.

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand is the seventh safest city in the world with 79 points, according to the study. Amsterdam, with 79.3 points is the sixth safest city in the world.

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The top five safest cities in the world, according to this study, are:

Number 5, Tokyo: The capital of Japan, Tokyo is ranked fifth in the list of safest cities with 80 points out of 100. Tokyo hosted the Olympics recently and is currently hosting the Paralympics while battling a surge in COVID-19 cases.

Number 4, Sydney: Sydney, Australia’s safest city, is now the fourth safest city in the world. Sydney scored 80.1 points out of 100.

Number 3, Singapore: Singapore has come out third in the safest city rankings of 2021 with 80.7 points. This, however, was a slip for Singapore because the city had ranked number 2 on the safest cities list last year.

Number 2, Toronto: Toronto takes the second spot in the list of safest cities of the year with 82.2 points.

Number 1, Copenhagen: With a staggering 82.4 points out of 100, Copenhagen has been ranked the safest city in the world. The capital of Denmark overtook Tokyo and Singapore from last year to emerge at the top.