A video believed to be of a COVID-19 patient at a hospital in Madhya Pradesh's Chindwara is going viral on social media, and it will make you smile in fact giggle for two reasons - the topic of his video and the positivity that this man displays even when he is struggling with the deadly virus.

In the 2 minutes, 17 seconds video, the unknown man introduces himself as a COVID patient being treated at a hospital in Chindwara and shows the hospital ward full of Oxygen mask-on patients. For the man, however, coronavirus is the secondary problem, primary is the fan on top of his head, which he says in the video can "kill him even before Corona does".

"Doston ye mein hu, ye mein Chindwara zile k sabse bade hospital me admit hu...aur ye mere sir k upar videshi pankha laga hai jise dekh dekh kar darr lag raha hai. (Friends, this is me, this my hospital, biggest in Chindwara district, and this is the imported fan on top my head, and I am scared of this fan)."

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Using the famous dialogue from on of the Salman Khan films, the man says "Corona se darr nahi lagta sahib, is fan se lagta hai (Not scared of corona but this fan)".

Then he pans the camera towards the fan and yes it's scary. It's fitting was all broken ready to come out anytime soon could scare off anyone leave alone the man who is struggling with the virus, which has claimed so many lives.

In a video he says, he has requested the authorities to either shift his bed or change the fan but he still hasn't got any answers.

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He ends the video with a question for all. "Tell me brothers, whom should we change, the fan, the bed, the hospital staff or the government."

Food for thought, right?

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