Just when we thought that we have won the fight against the coronavirus and that we will be able to do all those things we were longing for, comes another hurdle in the way in the form of vaccine passport application.

From next year, in addition to the vaccine, one will need the application to enter movie theatres, stadiums, offices or even countries. People will be required to upload details about COVID-19 tests and vaccinations in the application and create digital credentials that need to be shown in places before entering.

Several companies and technology groups have already begun developing their own apps. This includes IBM that has developed Digital Health Pass, which enables companies and venues to customize indicators required by them.

Speaking about privacy concerns, the company said it allows the app users to control and consent to the use of their health data. It also allows the users to choose the level of detail they want to give to the concerned authorities. 

"Trust and transparency remain paramount when developing a platform like a digital health passport, or any solution that handles sensitive personal information. Putting privacy first is an important priority for managing and analyzing data in response to these complex times,” the company said in a blog post.