Amid the political turmoil in the country, Cuban YouTuber Dina Fernandez, popularly known as Dina Stars, during a live interview, said she was being taken away by Cuban state security forces in Havana on Tuesday.

Recently, Cuba has been faced with unprecedented protests against the communist regime as the country grapples with degrading economical conditions. People took to the streets across the island on Sunday. 

Fernandez was being interviewed about the protests along with singer Yotuel by Spanish broadcaster Canal 4, when she interrupted the conversation with TV host Marta Flich saying, "the state's security forces are here. I have to go."

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Her friend took over the computer and carried it to another room as the camera and microphone remained on. According to CNN inputs, male voices could be heard in the background, although the content of the conversation wasn't clear.

A few moments later, the YouTuber returned and told the interviewer that she had been asked to come with who she identified as police officers. In the available video footage, no security forces are seen nor does Fernandez appear to be forcibly taken away.

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However, she added that the Cuban government is now responsible for her whereabouts."I hold the government responsible for anything that could happen to me. I have to go."

Asked if she is being detained, the 25-year-old replied: "I don't know. They told me to come along with them."

At a very young age, Fernandez has emerged as a critic of the Cuban government.

Following Sunday's protests in the communist-ruled island over the worst economic crisis in decades, Cuba has resorted to arresting more than 100 people including independent journalists and opposition activists.  

The economic status of the country deteriorated due to a number of sanctions imposed by former US President Donald Trump. The economy of Cuba was down by 11% in 2020 giving rise to a shortage of basic goods.  

However, Cuban President Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel has blamed the demonstration on the US government. He said that the "sincere protesters" have been "manipulated" by the US-orchestrated social media campaigns and "mercenaries" on the ground.