Tim Cook, the chief executive office of world's first trillion-dollar company Apple, gave a statement through a podcast sharing his views on being in the company. He took the charge as the CEO on August 24, 2011 after founder Steve Jobs resigned from the role.

In a podcast show 'Sway' that released on Monday by the New York Times, the top executive said that "I feel great right now and the date's not in sight." He cleared the air on resigning from the CEO post saying that, "he had not thought of when he would leave."

The 60-year-old CEO further added saying, "10 more years? No, probably not," he said that the date was not in sight and 10 years was a very long time. 

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When the podcaster asked what he would do if it was not Apple, the chief executive said, "I don't have a clue because I love this company so much, that its hard to imagine my life without it." Cook is known for his leadership style, according to which, he emphasises on people, strategy and execution. 

In the podcast, he talked about an array of topics, including Apple+, data privacy and the capitol attack that took place on January 6 this year. Recently, he also revealed that iOS 14.5 version will be launching soon and will have exciting features for its users. 

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Time and again, Cook has given a lot of emphasis to data privacy as its important in terms of user perspective and has added many features in Apple phones to boost user's confidence.