Denis McDonough, who was US President Joe Biden's pick for the position of Secretary of Veteran Affairs, was confirmed by the US Senate on Monday, reported CNN. 

With the impeachment trial of former US President Donald Trump looming in for the US Senate, the conformation of McDonough, who served as the Chief Of Staff in former US President Barack Obama's second term, is expected to be the last one before the trial ends. 

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Biden has handpicked his choice of potential cabinet positions including McDonough, who developed a close relationship with the former Vice President of the US while he served under multiple designations, reported CNN. 

So far only six of the 23 nominations made by Biden have been confirmed by the US Senate, which seems to be overburdened by the constant political speedbumps in the US. The positions which have been approved by the US Senate include Janet Yellen as the Treasury Secretary, Antony Blinken as the Secretary of State, Avril Haines as the Director of National Intelligence, Pete Buttigieg as the Transportation Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas as the Secretary of Homeland Security, Llyod Austin as the Secretary of Defense and most recently, Denis McDonough as the Secretary of Veteran Affairs. 

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US-based veterans group were anticipating a fellow veteran to occupy the position instead of McDonough, who does not have any service time but ample experience of making his way through the bureaucratic bodies which fill the Capitol Hill, reported CNN.