Diya Mirza is known for her workouts and this time she is in news for learning Kalaripayattu, an Indian martial art and fighting style.

Kalaripayattu, also known as Kalari, is a full body and mind workout, also one of the oldest martial art forms. It originated in Kerala, dating back to 3rd century BCE.

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Dia Mirza recently shared a clip of her training session on her Instagram. This is for her upcoming film project.

Here, you can see her.

This martial art is designed for the ancient battlefield with weapons and combative techniques. It is a very disciplined, difficult and challenging martial art which heals your full body.

Practising this art regularly have several benefits which includes, strengthening your body, making you flexible and improving your concentration.

There are mainly two styles of this martial art. One is the original Northern style and another is the Southern style, altered version from the Northern style.

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This martial art form is practiced in four different stages:

First stage is Meithari, which is basically the physical exercise of complete body.

Second stage is Kolthari, which includes wooden weapon training.

Third stage is Angathari, in which metal weapons training is provided

Fourth stage is Verumkai, which is also the last stage of this art form and it includes bare hand technique.

There is no doubt why we should give a thought to learn Kalaripayattu. After all, there is nothing else we need to do if we are practicing our oldest martial art form regularly.