Every dog lover knows how sticks and dogs are best friends with each other. You throw them one and they get all happy and delighted trying to fetch it for you. The pride after doing so is pretty evident. Here’s a story that’s going to beat your Monday blues and get you all gushing. After all, we could all use a reason to get excited and be happy, isn’t it? 

While the internet is abuzz with doggo videos, an Instagram user recently shared a video of his dog. The catch is that he has attached his phone to the stick, which is then carried around by his adorable Doberman. 

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Dylan has captioned the video as “Her happy place” and we’re sure with a pet parent as loving as Dylan, it might just be the happiest place for the doggo. 

The video has garnered over 19,000 views since it was posted on July 16 and boy, does it deserve so! 

“This is so cool, definitely made my day,” wrote an Instagram user. “She looks so happy! Loved it,” said another.

“Okay, I need more of this,” requested a third.

People loved that the video gave them a glimpse of life from a doggo’s eyes. Some were even delighted and thankful to have come across such an adorable video at a time when the world is fighting a pandemic. Looking at it as a ray of sunshine on a tough day or even a gruelling Monday, viewers enjoyed a gush fest of their own. 

Tell us in the comments below if the cute little doggie in the video beat the Monday blues and won your hearts too?