Georgia Governor Brian Kemp recently signed the Restrictive Voting Rights Bill that will further limit voter's rights in the state of Georgia. The former US president Donald Trump gave a statement calling for boycott of companies, including Coke that have spoken against the voting bill. 

In the statement given by former president, he called for boycott of companies such as Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola, JP Morgan Chase, UPS, Viacom CBS, Delta Airlines and others. He added that the Democrats have time and again called for boycotts and now it is time for Republicans to do the same. 

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Recently, Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey released a statement against the Georgia restrictive voting bill and said that Congress should act against it. Coca-Cola's interference brought criticism from Trump loyalists who also called for boycott of the company.

Twitterati is trolling Trump after he included Coke in the list of companies, knowing that in his tenure, he installed a 'Diet Coke button' on his table as he is very fond of the drink. 

Here are a few tweets trolling Trump:

Trump in his statement said that Democrats have kept boycotting every company or product that has stated against their party line. And it was just about time that Republicans do the same as well. 

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What do you say about Trump's boycott of Diet Coke?