Longtime Donald Trump loyalist Roger Stone was on Saturday seen dancing along with a rapper on a song about the former president outside the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida.

A video emerged on social media, where Stone can be seen dancing with a rapper known as Forgiato Blow outside the Hyatt Regency, where the four day conference for conservatives is being held, reported Independent.

Stones, who was convicted of lying to Congress, as one of his final acts while in office, danced to the lyrics that said, "Trump 2021, yeah he had it in the bag. I just got a call from General Flynn, yeah he told me the facts. Democrats you gonna tell me how you feelin' about that. Who won. Trump won. Who Won. Trump Won! Watermark the baddest, 45 the chosen one."

The rapper then sang about the US Capitol riots by Trump supporters on January 6. He said, "Fed did a sweep. Patriots be pulling up, knocking on the Capitol. Yeah, you know the feds did a sweep though. Patriots pulling up knocking on the Capitol."

Stone, who was pardoned by Trump, was due to serve 40 months of a prison term for lying to Congress about trying to communicate with Wikileaks.