Former President Donald Trump will be in New York City on Monday to provide a videotaped deposition regarding his security team's crackdown on a protest in 2015 when his bid for the White House was just taking off.

According to the lawsuit papers in Bronx state Supreme Court, the deposition is expected to take place in the Trump Tower. The lawsuit was filed by six protesters of Mexican origin who demonstrated outside the Trump Tower on September 3, 2015, over negative comments Trump had made about Mexico and Mexican immigrants.

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Those people say they were assaulted and went on to sue Trump, the Trump Organization, his presidential campaign, and security personnel. Trump or the three attorneys who represent him are yet to comment on the deposition.

Trump and his team tried to get the subpoena ordering him to testify quashed but the motion was denied by State Supreme Court Judge Doris Gonzalez of the Bronx.

The judge said Trump's argument that there must be "exceptional circumstances" to depose a high-ranking government official did not apply because he was being called to answer for conduct outside of office, the Associated Press reported.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs have argued that Trump should have known that the security personnel would act in a "negligent or reckless manner."

"This is a case about Donald Trump's security guards assaulting peaceful demonstrators on a public sidewalk. We will be taking the trial testimony of Donald Trump, under oath, on Monday after years of the defendants' dilatory attempts to shield him from this examination. We look forward to presenting the video of Trump's testimony to a jury at his trial," lawyer Benjamin Dictor said.

Trump's testimony will be played for a jury if the case proceeds to trial. If an emergency such as illness arises, Trump must testify by the end of the month, Gonzalez wrote in an October 4 filing.

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