The launch of the Akash-NG(New Generation) missile was conducted successfully by Defence Research & Development Organisation(DRDO) today, ANI reported.

The Surface-to-Air Missile was tested from a defence testing facility, Integrated Test Range, off the Odisha coast. The missile will be used by the IAF(Indian Air Force) to combat aerial threats.

This is seen as a new achievement as the test met all the standard expectations, sources reported. This will further enhance India’s air defence system.

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This missile that is developed by DRDO is structured in a way that it can handle many targets together while flying at a supersonic speed. It can kill both supersonic and subsonic targets. It can also defend a large area and deal with up to 10 targets at the same time. This makes Akash different from other Surface-to-Air missiles.

Akash is the first indigenously designed and developed missile that is also the cheapest surface-to-air missile flying at supersonic speed. Only recently, the union cabinet headed by PM Narendra Modi also gave a thumbs up to export this missile in other countries with friendly relationships with India.

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The development of this missile was approved in 2016 with a designated budget of Rupees 500 crores.