Since October 1, India has been hosting numerous events at its Dubai Expo 2020 pavilion, ranging from dance and music programmes to online workshops. The expo had commenced with an opening ceremony that was tar-studded and around 190 countries participating in the event.

Spread across four floors, the Indian pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 is a sight to behold. The Indian pavilion is about one lakh square feet in area. India's pavilion is situated in Dubai’s Opportunity district. The building is made out of sandstone and has the theme of 'Openness, Opportunity and Growth’. Throughout the building, the celebration of India's 75th Independence is the primary focus.

Delhi-based CP Kukreja Architects is the lead designer of the pavilion. The firm joined hands with Muse, a London-based company, and worked on displays and interior exhibits. The pavilion is open from 10 am till 12 pm until March 31, 2022.

Here are other features of the pavilion:

The architecture

The building has a box-like feature and comprises 600 individual blocks. They kinetic architecture to honour India’s journey as an independent nation. The kinetic architecture that will have rotating panels will display 75 stories about India’s history and culture.

“During the day, the facade will create different moving patterns to celebrate 75 years of India’s Independence. Every week, these patterns will take the shape of three stories of the 25 sub-themes. Evenings will see the facade turn into a vibrant show with sound, light and projections,” a statement on the official website reads.

The insides

Once the visitors get past the entrance, they are welcomed into a tunnel that shows India’s space programmes. Apart from those, India's health sector, yoga, Ayurveda and alternate medicine system are also displayed.

The top three floors focus on India's culture, its bilateral relationship with UAE and corporate India’s ambitions.

To portray India's image as a modern economy, virtual reality pods, 3D augmented reality projected systems, LED surround projection and walk-in experience kiosks are installed.

Other services

The pavilion will host an array of music and dance events from different parts of India for the visitors. Carnatic music sessions, Sikh kirtans, dandiya programmes among others to name a few.

The pavilion also hosts food festivals that show cuisines from different parts of India. Climate change seminars, movie screenings among others are on India's schedule. The updated schedule can be found here