Easter, a Christian festival is being celebrated on April 4 globally following 40 days of Lent. Given the unusual condition the world is in right now due to COVID-19, many have been forced to figure out ways to celebrate the festival indoors or in other unique ways. 

Celebrating in pandemic struck times, leaders, actors and famous personalities have extended their wishes while sharing posts of themselves celebrating an unconventional Easter on social media. 

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Here are some of the wishes shared by our favourite leaders and artists: 

US President Joe Biden tweeted a video of himself and his wife Jill Biden extending their best wishes and "peace" to everyone. 

Kamala Harris, US Vice President in her Easter wish professed her "Hope for a brighter tomorrow for us all."  

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Pope Francis took to Twitter and posted a series of tweets in his attempt to instil peace and faith in his followers. Earlier he had expressed solidarity and support for the youth of Myanmar who are stuck in severe violence amid a military crackdown. 

He wrote in his second tweet, "Faith is not an album of past memories; Jesus is not outdated. He is alive here and now. He walks beside you each day, in every situation you are experiencing, in every trial you have to endure, in your deepest hopes and dreams."

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Former First Lady Michelle Obama took to Instagram to wish her followers a Happy Easter. She wrote, "Barack and I are wishing so much joy and light to everyone celebrating on this Easter Sunday!"

Brooklyn Beckham posted a family picture with the caption, "Happy Easter from all of us x sending everyone our love ❤️"

In trying times such as a health crisis, festivals like Easter certainly help us stay positive and look up to the silver lining in dark clouds.