A video showing a blogger making cotton candy using
the clothes dryer did not please the audience.

There are a lot
of strange videos and photographs on the internet that go viral from time to
time. Weird food items and fusion movies, in addition to animal and challenge
videos, are gaining a lot of attention these days, mainly because many people
perceive them to be a direct attack on their palate.

In recent years,
bizarre culinary fusions, in which two wholly unrelated dishes are combined, have
become popular. Many people understand and appreciate food experimentation.
Bringing two very different delicacies together for a “combo,” on the
other hand, will only make devoted food enthusiasts feel repulsed.

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Then there are
those who manage to make delicacies and sweets with tools and devices that
weren’t designed to prepare or process food in the first place.

Before she put
sugar in the drum of the front-load machine, Louise described how a clothes
dryer can be used as a cotton candy maker replacement. She then poured a can of
blueberry soda into the dryer’s drawer, and promised that the cotton candy would
be ready in minutes and deposited it in the machine’s air vent. She pulls off the
dryer vent from the machine near the conclusion of the video and removes the
silver foil to uncover the blue cotton candy.

Many users
dismissed the video as false because there was a gap between her moving the
dial and the dryer starting to spin.

One user said
the woman never focused the camera on the inside of the dryer while it was
spinning. Other users noted concerns about the dryer’s sanitation as well as
the fact that the temperature would be insufficient to form cotton candy. There
are many you tubers and bloggers who try and experiment with bizarre things and
claim false outcomes.