Pop sensation Britney Spears‘ friends and family members have been facing bitter criticism by fans for not supporting the singer enough during the conservatorship controversy. Recently, Britney’s sister Jamie Lynn shared an audio clip of her daughter consoling her as she is going through a tough time amid her sister’s conservatorship battle.

In the audio clip shared by Jamie on Instagram, Ivey, her daughter can be heard saying, ” Aww, it’ll be okay, Mom. It has to be okay, Mom,” she sweetly assured her. Ivy is 3 years old.

Jamie Lynn shares Ivey with her husband Jamie Watson and is also mom to Maddie, 13, with ex-boyfriend Casey Aldridge.

On Saturday, Jamie shared some pictures of herself nursing her daughters to mark the breastfeeding week with a heartwarming caption.

“I’m so thankful my body allowed me to have such a wonderful breastfeeding experience with both of my girls, because I know that’s not the case for every mama. We should remember that every woman’s motherhood journey is different, so whether you breastfed or not, the main thing your baby needs is LOVE to thrive, and a happy mom makes for a happy baby,” Jamie wrote alongside the post.

Meanwhile, the proceedings on Britney Spears‘ last week petition, demanding the removal of her father, James Lynn Spears as her conservator is ongoing.

Britney’s father defended himself in the conservatorship battle, saying his sole motivation was unconditional love and a fierce desire to protect her. James Spears agreed to an accelerated timeline for the hearing but objected to the effort to suspend him as conservatorship.

James argued that he has taken good care of Britney and is being blamed for actions undertaken by others with roles in the conservatorship of 13 years

Earlier, Spears’ medical team has also agreed that she no longer requires her father as her estate conservator.