Chris Evans has almost become synonymous with Captain America, due to
his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). While Evans has been trying
to find his stardom for a long time and coming quite close with his part in ‘Fantastic
Four’, he only recently became a pop culture phenomenon. However, he has made
the smart choice of not being defined by a single role. Hence, Evans has said
his goodbyes to the MCU, and has tried his hand at various films since then.

Now, he is poised to appear in Adam McKay’s ‘Don’t Look Up’, and Evans’
fans might want to check out some of his best performances before the new movie

5. The
Avengers (2012)

Chris Evans in ‘The Avengers’. (Photo credit : Twitter/@Marvelquotes_O)

The movie gave fans of the MCU the moment they had been waiting for. All
their favourite heroes ganged up to thwart the villainous Loki’s plans.
Interestingly, by this time, Marvel movies had identified and cemented the
formula for success.

Their stories showed a fight of good versus evil, with the former
triumphing after a series of hurdles. Moreover, these films would include
easter eggs, and occasional moments of banter, to keep the mood light.

This is
where Evans’ performance as Steve Rogers or Captain America, stands apart. From
seamlessly delivering one-liners, showing how out of place Cap is amid cutting
edge technology, to displaying how a leader brings a team together, Evans remains
especially memorable in a movie filled with notable moments.

4. Captain
America: Civil War (2016)

Chris Evans in ‘Captain America: Civil War’. (Photo credit : Twitter/@ChrisEvans)

As the title suggests, the movie shows infighting among the Avengers, over
the decision to sign the Sokovia records, and become a regulated group of
superheroes. Apart from the action, that one is bound to see in MCU films, there
are a few vital exchanges between Captain America and Iron Man.

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Evans does a splendid job acting opposite Robert Downey Jr. His conviction
shines through in his portrayal of the super-soldier. Further, the performance is
enhanced since Evans manages to convey Cap’s ideological viewpoint successfully
to the viewers, without getting too bogged down in the role.

3. Captain
America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Chris Evans in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@theyluvdestinyyr)

Often hailed as the best movie to come out of the MCU, ‘The Winter
Soldier’ is more of a tale of espionage than an overt superhero movie. We see
Captain America beginning to investigate SHIELD, which has been infiltrated by
the evil organization, Hydra.

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As Rogers faces his childhood friend, Bucky, now the dreaded Winter
Soldier, emotions from the past resurface. Evans does a splendid job in oscillating
between the hero who must fulfil his duty, and the man who tries to save his

2. Knives Out

Chris Evans in ‘Knives Out’. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@knivesout)

Rian Johnson is a master at bending the detective genre, as evidenced in
‘Brick’, where a hardboiled tale unravels at a high school. In ‘Knives Out’,
the director tries his hand at a locked room murder, and the film has an
impressive cast.

Despite several notable performances, Evans leaves his mark as Hugh
Ransom Drysdale. Playing the character with a appreciable degree of suaveness,
Evans keeps viewers guessing till the end. He easily taps into a wide emotional
range, sending the clear message across that he would be well suited for
in-depth character roles as well.

1. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Chris Evans in ‘Avengers: Endgame’. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@avengers)

There are some moments which transcend the very boundaries of cinema to become
a cultural spectacle. Evans as Captain America, standing with his broken shield
in one hand, Thor’s hammer in the other, uttering the iconic call for the Avengers
to assemble, is one such moment.

‘Endgame’ has a lot going on as the earth’s mightiest heroes tries to undo
Thanos’ action. Despite the paced narrative, Evans makes time stand still, proving
how this actor can reach new heights if trusted with good roles.