Martha Stewart, the renowned television personality and cook, has made headlines once again, this time as Sports Illustrated’s oldest cover model in history. At 81 years old, Stewart joins a roster of powerful women gracing the magazine’s annual swimsuit edition, which celebrates individuals who defy boundaries both internally and externally.

While Stewart’s latest achievement showcases her ongoing relevance and resilience, her career has not been without its fair share of controversies. From legal battles to insider trading scandals, here are the five biggest controversies involving Martha Stewart.

1)Insider Trading Scandal:

Perhaps the most infamous controversy involving Stewart is her involvement in an insider trading scandal in 2004. She faced allegations of selling her shares in a biopharmaceutical company based on confidential information. Following a highly publicized trial, Stewart was found guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and making false statements, resulting in a five-month prison sentence and a temporary setback to her reputation.

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2)ImClone Stock Sale:

Linked to the insider trading scandal, Stewart’s sale of ImClone Systems’ stock just before its share price plummeted drew significant scrutiny. Stewart’s swift sale raised suspicions of insider information, leading to investigations and subsequent legal proceedings. Though she was not charged directly for insider trading, the incident tarnished her image and led to a loss of business opportunities.

3)Conflict with Macy’s:

In 2012, a legal battle erupted between Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Macy’s. The dispute stemmed from Stewart’s decision to partner with J.C. Penney, breaching an exclusivity agreement with Macy’s. The lawsuit, which involved allegations of contract violation, strained Stewart’s relationship with Macy’s, a long-standing collaborator, and resulted in financial losses for her company.

4)Controversial Statements on Blogging:

Stewart ignited controversy in 2013 when she expressed her disdain for bloggers during an interview. Her comments belittled the influence and legitimacy of the blogging community, causing a backlash from bloggers and social media users. Critics accused Stewart of being out of touch with the digital era and undermining a platform that had become an integral part of the media landscape.

5)Criticism of Cannabis Advocacy:

As the cannabis industry gained momentum, Stewart ventured into the market with her own line of CBD products. However, her involvement received criticism from some quarters who argued that her past criminal conviction for lying to federal investigators should disqualify her from participating in the emerging industry. Critics questioned the appropriateness of Stewart’s endorsement of cannabis-related products given her legal history.

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Martha Stewart’s career has been marked by achievements and controversies alike. Despite the setbacks, she remains a prominent figure in the culinary and media worlds. As she graces the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition, Stewart continues to defy expectations, embodying the magazine’s celebration of empowered women who transcend age and limitations.