Popular Ollywood actor Babushaan Mohanty’s wife Trupti Satapathy allegedly attacked him and his co-star Prakruti Mishra while the two were on their way to the Bhubaneswar Airport to catch a Chennai-bound flight for their movie promotion on Saturday morning. The purported video of the incident has gone viral on social media. 

In the clip, Satapathy can be seen grabbing Mishra’s hair and pushing her on the road. Mishra is then seen crying for help before running away from the scene. 

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A formal complaint is yet to be filed in connection with the incident. 

Babushaan Mohanty, while speaking about the incident, told Odisha TV, “I and Prakruti Mishra have been invited as guests for Utkal Diwas celebration organised by Utkal Association here in Chennai. I am here to announce a new film and promote another as well in which Prakruti is my co-actor. She is a very good friend of mine and so I had gone to pick her up from airport.

“On way to the airport, suddenly my wife and father-in-law came and attacked us and harassed Prakruti which was totally unacceptable. I have no other complaints because I understand my wife’s feelings since she does not belong to film industry, so she has no idea about our work and how we work. I am in complete shock. That’s it.” 

“As an actor, I have no other option than to work with several other female co-actors which is natural. My wife needs to understand the nature of my work. People will say many things but I know I am right,” he told the outlet. 

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Babushaan Mohanty and Trupti Satapathy tied the knot in 2014 and welcomed their first child last year.