who has won two National Awards for acting, has produced India’s Oscar
contender in 2015 titled ‘Visaranai’, has turned 38 today. The actor who is now
eyeing Hollywood with Russo Brothers’ next, follows few mantras for a happy and
successful life.

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are some of them:

your calling

should have clarity about what you want. The job you end up in is different
from your calling. You all have your own passion. You should believe in that
passion and work very hard for it. If you do that, luck will come calling your
name. Fortune favours hard-working.

some, success will come early and for others, it may take longer. But, you
should have patience and never give up. Have faith in what you do. It is so
important. You will face success and failure. You should not let success get to
your heart and don’t let failure dishearten you. Always keep balance,” he said
one of his motivational sessions.

like the deaf frog

one of his motivational sessions, the actor recounted the adventure of a young
frog that aspires to climb a tall tree in a forest. Everytime he tries to climb
the tree, other frogs discourage it not to do so because it may hurt itself.
However, the frog is deaf, so it couldn’t hear all the negative comments and
continues its effort until it reached the top of the tree.

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may laugh at you, mock your dream and your looks. They can claim you are
wasting your time on things that don’t matter. Never pay heed to any of those
comments (like the deaf frog).”

Great things take great effort

Dhanush says that “If we don’t
have the right blessings and perseverance, no amount of promotion will help us
in our goal. If we just simply focus on our job and work hard, everything will
come following us. But, we should never lose faith. Because nothing worthwhile
comes easy and things you get easily, may not last for long. Be patient and
keep at it, you will find success.”

Nothing is permanent

“There will be ups and downs,
friends and enemies. Nothing is permanent in our lives. In this ever-changing
situation, we don’t need so much fight, commotion and anger. All we need is a
happy and peaceful life. Just focus on what matters today.”