‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor Johnny Depp’s house in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles,
California was vandalised by an unidentified man who made himself comfortable
by having a drink and taking a shower in his house.  The man was spotted by a neighbor, who
informed the local cops about the break-in.

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According to the Thirty-Mile Zone (TMZ) report, the man hopped a gate when he was confronted, which
actually got him close to the 57-year-old star’s house. He has been booked for felony
vandalism for a broken door.

The star’s house has been broken into before
in January, when an unidentified woman broken into his house. There has been no
official statement made by Johnny Depp about the incident, but this has
happened for a second time this year. The woman was booked for allegedly
forcing her way inside the residence.