Adam Rich, who was best known for starring in the ABC dramedy Eight Is Enough died at the age of 54 on Saturday. 

The news was reported by TMZ by the family members of Rich. A cause of death was not immediately revealed. The actor was found dead at his home. Foul play has not been suspected.   

Rich was a big advocate of mental health and often put up banners saying “Mental Health Matters” on his social media pages. His last Twitter post also supported mental health and tried to destigmatize mental illness after dj Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss’ death last month. 

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“Human beings weren’t built to endure mental illness. The mere fact that some people consider those to be weak, or have a lack of will is totally laughable… because it’s the total opposite! It’s takes a very, very strong person… a warrior if you will… to battle such illnesses,” Rich tweeted. 

In a follow-up tweet he added, “The only thing those suffering from a mental illness know how to do is pretend to be ok. Enough! The stigma is killing people. Be yourself. Ok, or not ok, is the only way to create change, & stomp the stigma! Heal your truth! #RIP tWitchBoss.”

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  Police received a call about a shooting at the Oak Tree Inn in Encino, Los Angeles, where Boss was found dead after failing to check out of the motel on December 13, 2022. Shortly before his body was found, Boss’s wife, Allison Holker, informed officials at the Los Angeles Police Department that he had left their home without taking his car, which was unusual behavior.