Al Pacino has finally expressed his feelings about having a baby with his girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, 29, saying its “special,” dispelling rumors that the Scarface actor did not want to become a father at 83.

The actor was out for a stroll in Los Angeles on Monday when a photographer caught up to him and an unidentified male companion. When asked about his feelings about having a fourth child and the first one with Alfallah, the actor said that the upcoming baby was “very special” to him. “It’s very special. It always has been. I’ve got many kids. But this is really special coming at this time.”

With this statement, he shut down the rumors that there was drama and upset surrounding the pregnancy announcement.

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There were also reports that the actor requested Alfallah get a paternity test because he was doubtful if he can get a woman pregnant at his age, to which she complied and proved that Pacino was the father.

Pacino also added on Monday that he has not found out what the gender of the baby was yet.

Previously, insiders claimed that the Oscar winner believes he was deceived by Alfallah and was characterized as a gold digger. Apparently, she was aware that Pacino didn’t want to have any more children, and that their relationship was a complete wreck. Alfallah purportedly gained notoriety for dating a slew of wealthy, senior men, including Mick Jagger.

“They have no relationship,” says an insider says of the about-to-be parents. “Lawyers have been working on this for months. When Fallah did come back into his life after a more than year break, my insiders say she told Pacino she couldn’t have children anyway due to a thyroid problem.”

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It was reported that Pacino was unaware of Alfallah’s complicated family history, which has only recently come to light. The Department of Justice reportedly charged her father with tax fraud in 2017, and he just recently declared bankruptcy.

Pacino has three other children from two women he has dated in the past, Julie, 33, with Jan Tarrant, and twins, Olivia and Ashton, 22, with Beverly D’Angelo. He has famously never been married.