Legendary actor Al Pacino, 82, looked kind of lost as he walked out on stage to deliver the award for best video game performance at the 2022 Game Awards, which sparked an array of memes on Twitter on Friday, December 9. 

The Academy Award winner appeared on the stage like he was searching for the restroom. During his speech, he admitted to not having ever really touched a video game. He also appeared to stumbled through the teleprompter script like he was being forced to read a lingo he did not understand. 

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His out-of-comfort demeanor sparked a number of memes and posts on Twitter as gamers and fans of the show could not stop making fun of the actor. 

“So-called free-thinkers trying not to type out ‘Dunkacino’ when they see Al Pacino on stage,” one of them said, while another noted, “Does Al Pacino even know where he is right now.” Another Twitter user noted, “I told myself I wasn’t going to tweet about the Game Awards but Al Pacino stumbling out onto the stage and saying he can’t see the teleprompter and doesn’t play video games is maybe the best opening the Game Awards have ever done.”

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One user commented, “Al Pacino waiting for the speech to be over so he can get his check and go home #TheGameAwards.” One more said, “Even Al Pacino is wondering how the hell he ended up at The Game Awards.” Another Twitter user commented, “Al Pacino is my favorite video game #gameawards.” One more stated, “Never in my life did I think Al Pacino was going to be at a gaming event.”

According to Kotaku, Pacino is the biggest star to grace the Game Awards, which is hosted by Geoff Keighley at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.