Jeffrey Dean Morgan has come on board for The Boys Season 4, and Supernatural fans are excited to see the actor who played John Winchester share screen time with Jensen Ackles, who played his son Dean. 

The Amazon Prime show serves as a critique of the superhero genre and Morgan’s addition after Ackles has raised questions about whether Jared Padalecki will appear in The Boys as well. 

Padalecki played Sam Winchester, John’s younger son in Supernatural, and fans are hoping for a family reunion in the Amazon Prime series. 

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Eric Kripke, who created Supernatural and is the showrunner on The Boys told Variety in a June 8 interview, “He’s always welcome on the show”, speaking of Padalecki being part of the cast. He added, “Up to now, the guy is on a network show that has however many episodes — like, a lot more than eight. So he’s working all year and now he’s producing his spinoff and he’s got a whole empire going on over there. He’s been a busy man. And it’s been hard to even figure out any time that he’s free. But if he was free and found himself currently unemployed, I would put him on The Boys in a heartbeat.” 

Ackles plays Soldier Boy in the Prime series. The character is a skewed take on Captain America as we learn that Soldier Boy is a genetically enhanced combatant who’s been around since World War II, but instead of helping troops, he often helped the government suppress dissenting voices. 

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Morgan’s role is being kept under wraps for now, but he’s not the only other Supernatural cast member on the show. Jim Beaver, who played Bobby Singer in Supernatural returns as Robert Singer in The Boys. He was like a father figure to Sam and Dean in The CW series but in The Boys, Beaver’s character is running for the US president’s post and he’s aware that Vought is using Compound V to create superheroes.