It is difficult to forget the incredible 1996 horror film that revolutionized the genre, created one of the best suspenseful and tension-filled chase sequences in cinematic history, and probably inspired every scene of every horror movie ever. Let’s take a look at this list of all the Scream movies ranked from worst to best 

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5. Scream 3:

Scream 3 has tried to recreate the magic of the original trilogy, but in doing so it just falls flat and fails to capture the same excitement that made the original movies great. 

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4. Scream 2:

It is practically difficult for a sequel to compete with its renowned predecessor. This precise point is made numerous times throughout the film. Scream 2 is an absolute blueprint as to how to properly execute and scale a sequel while also creating something equally exciting and different at the same time. Why is it number 4? It’s just not as good as the other sequels.

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3. Scream 4:

When it comes to the newer generation of horror films, Scream 4 is by far the best one. It takes everything so great about Scream and then adds never enough twists and turns to keep you guessing at every possible turn. Scream 4 is a film that will not only keep you on the edge of your seat, but it will also make you laugh on more than one occasion.

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2. Scream 2022:

The new Scream film is the perfect sequel, delivering the best of both worlds. It is a film with a profound respect for the original, but also one that does what Scream films do best: reevaluate the current state of horror and use that understanding to move the franchise forward in a meaningful way. 

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1. Scream (1996):

It is impossible to find words that can accurately describe what the movie Scream actually is. The original James Wan-directed picture made award-winning horror master Wes Craven into a household name overnight, and for good reason — this film is damn near perfect in every way. Everything about Scream seems fantastic and effortless; from the amazing performances to the incredible direction and editing, this was truly filmmaking at its best.