Amazon Quiz (January 30, 2022): During which ruler’s reign did these domes first start appearing in Russia?

Ivan III ‘The Great’

Ivan IV ‘The Terrible’

Peter I ‘The Great’

Catherine II ‘The Great’

Answer: Ivan IV ‘The Terrible’

Ivan IV Vasilyevich (also known as Ivan the Terrible) was the grand prince of Moscow from 1533 to 1547.

Ivan declared himself the first tsar of all of Russia in 1547, and ruled the country till 1584.

The tsar’s moniker, ‘the Terrible’, is not unfounded, and is in fact based on his complex personality. While Ivan was both intelligent and devoted to the discharge of his duties, he was also prone to paranoia and rage.

In one fit of anger, Ivan murdered his eldest son and the heir to the throne, Ivan Ivanovich, and it is also believed that Ivan caused the miscarriage of his son’s child.

Further, Ivan’s episodes of mental instability grew with age, earning him the moniker ‘the Terrible’.

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