An American version of ‘The Squid Game’ is reportedly being planned by Netflix. The streaming platform is interested in David Fincher to produce the show, social media reports said.

Entertainment reporter Jeff Sneider on Thursday tweeted that an English version of Hwang Dong-hyuk’s survival series is in the making. He cited multiple sources in saying that Netflix has approached Fincher to produce and direct the show.

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“HOT RUMOR: Netflix is courting DAVID FINCHER to produce and direct an American take on SQUID GAME. No idea whether he’s engaging, but they want him to tackle this project BADLY, per multiple sources,” Sneider tweeted.

“America is already an American remake of Squid Game,” a Twitter user reacted.

“Why? Squid game isn’t over, there’s a season 2 being made, why the fuck would you be remaking an ongoing show?” another one added.

“Yeah I’m dumbfounded by this lol squid game is already an amazing show,” a third one tweeted.

In August last year, Squid Game director Hwang Dong-hyuk told Deadline that he ‘wanted to expand the universe for possible international versions of the titular series’.

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“That was actually part of my intentions from the outset. I wrote the script in a way to hint that the ‘Squid Game’ was happening in other parts of the world,” Hwang told Deadline.

Squid Game is a Korean show about 456 debt-ridden contestants who risk their lives to play survival games in hopes of winning money.

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The 10-episode series released in September 2021. It dominated Netflix’s streaming charts worldwide. It became the first non-English language series nominated for an Emmy Award.

“As you can see from the conversations that the VIPs are having, they say the Korean game this year is spectacular, which means that there are other games as well. I thought that if the show did well, I wanted to expand the universe further, so that other countries could have their own version of the Squid Game,” Hwang said in the interview.