The attorneys representing Kevin Spacey rested their argument in Spacey’s defense on Wednesday saying that the actor was sued because Anthony Rapp wanted “a highly publicised hearing with media attention”. They alleged that the $40 million sexual misconduct lawsuit against Spacey was Rapp’s attempt to draw attention to himself.

Rapp alleged that Spacey sexually propositioned him during an encounter between the two in New York City back in 1986 when Rapp was 14 and worked as a child actor, while Spacey, 26, was on the verge of his Broadway debut.

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Spacey’s attorney Chase Scolnick probed forensic psychiatrist Alexander Bardey on Rapp’s emotional state. He suggested that Rapp was seeking attention without showing any trace of post-traumatic stress. To substantiate his point, Scolnick said that Rapp had told his friends about the incident, but never spoke about it with his therapist.

Bardy also concurred with Scolnick, saying: “That behavior, telling friends…speaks to his narcissistic tendencies,” and, “[He was] wanting to put the spotlight on himself.” 

Another of Spacey’s attorneys, Jay Barron, tried to convince the judge of his client’s innocence saying, “There was no groping, there was no kissing, there was no undressing, there were no other signs of arousal.” 

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Along with sexual assault, Rapp has also accused Spacey of physical battery. His lawsuit claimed that Spacey had thrown him on the bed and climbed on top in a sexually aggressive manner. The incident happened at a party in when all the other visitors had left. Rapp claims that he somehow managed to break free and leave the apartment but it left a mark on him.

Judge Kaplan, who is hearing the case, dismissed Rapp’s claim of emotional distress earlier this week saying that it was redundant. However, he had said that the physical battery claims against the Oscar-winning actor would remain.

The final hearing is scheduled for Thursday, October 20.