Actor Anupam Kher on Tuesday shared a video from an Apple store in New York, calling out the technology giant for not adding India in its Olympic collection. The actor, who is in New York, visited the store and noticed that customised watches, representing nations that participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, were on display. He, however, was irked upon noticing that a watch representing India was not part of the collection. For those unversed, India won a total of seven medals at the Tokyo Olympics, which is its best tally till date.  

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A video shared by the actor on Twitter showed customised watches representing countries including France, Australia and Canada, among others. Each of them had a flag symbolising its respective country and initials of the nations mentioned in front of the watches.

“Dear @Apple! Visited your store on 5th ave in NY! Impressive! There were watches of International Olympic collection representing flags of various countries! Was disappointed not to see INDIA’s watch there? I wonder why? We are one of the largest consumers of #Apple products!” she captioned the video.

His video, however, received mixed reactions. While some social media users also expressed their disappointment, others said  that “India Flag isn’t for commercial use.”

“Commercializing the national flag is illegal in India. Possibly a violation of these codes as well,” one person wrote. 

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“I’m not gonna but apple if this is how they show the difference in players of diffn countries. Apple is my fav brand not for quality but for the history is carried and the success they have seen but guess it’s time to change,” commented another.

“Apple, you may not need to respond to this. India does not strongly invest in the Olympics or Paralympics. For a country with its population, its sporting teams and games delegations are very small and its medal wins are also very small. This is India’s choice. Just the facts,” wrote another user.