Since their time together on the hit television series The Office, Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak have shared a complex relationship that has intrigued fans and left them wondering if romance is still in the cards for the two. While their connection has gone through ups and downs, it remains a subject of fascination.

In a candid 2012 interview with Vulture, Novak confessed that even he and Kaling were unsure about the nature of their relationship. They wavered between dating and not dating, leaving everyone, including themselves, perplexed. Regardless of their label, their bond was undeniable, always finding them side by side, even during moments of disagreement.

The parallels between their on-screen characters, Kelly and Ryan, and their real-life connection were not lost on Novak. He acknowledged that the show drew inspiration from their dynamic, though their real breakup was more of a transition as they grew individually.

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During an appearance on The Howard Stern Show in 2014, Kaling revealed that Novak had broken her heart in the past, leaving her profoundly saddened. However, she emphasized that she was not holding onto hope for a romantic reunion, expressing her admiration for him as a person but not pining for a relationship.

Kaling has often described their relationship as romantically charged. In a 2015 interview with InStyle, she playfully characterized it as a unique amalgamation of camaraderie, loud arguments, and a certain indescribable dynamic. Their connection has continued to fuel speculation about a potential future together, much to Kaling’s amusement.

Novak has acknowledged that their close friendship has sometimes intimidated others they have dated. He explained in a 2013 interview with Entertainment Weekly that people often questioned the nature of their bond and voiced concerns that it might interfere with their romantic relationships. Their platonic best friendship, at times, posed a challenge for their respective partners.

Interestingly, Kaling doesn’t mind the buzz surrounding their relationship. In a 2015 interview with The Guardian, she embraced the attention, finding it cool that people perceive her as a character and speculate about her personal life. Novak, too, has expressed his appreciation for their connection, wishing for a consistently positive dynamic with Kaling while praising her as an exceptional person.

Their affectionate term for each other, soup snakes, derived from a misread line on The Office, has become a symbol of their bond. Novak and Kaling have embraced the term, using it on social media to describe their unique camaraderie and frequently referencing it in their posts.

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Ultimately, Kaling and Novak’s relationship is an enigma that has evolved over the years. From co-workers to romantic partners to close friends, their connection remains deep-rooted. As they continue to navigate their individual lives, their fans can only wonder what lies ahead for these two intriguing souls who have left an indelible mark on each other’s lives.