Keeping none of her quirky thoughts to herself, Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has said that the heroes in the Avengers franchise bear resemblance to some elements in the ancient Hindu epic of Mahabharata and religious texts like the Vedas. 

Correlating the Avengers’ Thor holding his hammer with Hindu god Hanuman with his mace, Ranaut said that “the origins of these superhero stories are hugely inspired by our Vedas.”

The 35-year-old, who will next be seen in ‘Dhaakad’, recently spoke to ETimes.

When asked if she would choose a superhero role in a mythological film or in Hollywood, Ranaut said- “I would definitely adopt the Indian approach. I feel the West borrows from our mythology a lot. When I look at their superheroes like Iron Man, I feel his armour can be related to Karna’s armour from Mahabharata. Thor wielding the hammer can be compared to Hanumanji and his gada (mace). I felt that The Avengers was also inspired by the Mahabharata.”

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“Their visual perspective is different, but the origins of these superhero stories are hugely inspired by our Vedas. They acknowledge this fact, too. Likewise, I would also want to do something original and why be limited to a via inspiration from the West,” she added.

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Ranaut will be embodying the role of a femme fatale in ‘Dhaakad’, a spy-thriller also starring Divya Dutta and Arjun Rampal. The film is slated to release on May 20.

She will also star in ‘The Incarnation: Sita’ and Tejas’.

Apart from acting, Ranaut also has several projects in the works that are being produced by her production banner, including ‘Manikarnika Returns: The Legend Of Didda’ and ‘Emergency’.