It appears that Taylor Swift may have a new love interest in her life. The singer, known for her Eras Tour, is reportedly dating football star Travis Kelce, a tight end with the Kansas City Chiefs. Both are 33 years old.

According to a source, Taylor and Travis have been quietly spending time together. Travis had even inscribed his phone number on a bracelet, which he intended to give to the pop star. However, when he attended one of Taylor’s recent concerts in Kansas City, he was unable to meet her backstage, which left him somewhat disappointed.

Travis hosts a podcast called New Heights with his brother Jason Kelce, who happens to be an NFL player. In this year’s Super Bowl, Travis’ team, the Kansas City Chiefs, defeated Jason’s team, the Philadelphia Eagles. Travis shared on the podcast that he didn’t get to meet Taylor in person during her concert, as she doesn’t typically interact with fans before or after her shows due to the need to preserve her voice for her performances. He expressed his desire to give her one of the friendship bracelets with his number on it, a tradition at Taylor Swift concerts.

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While Travis couldn’t meet Taylor, he praised her performance as “an unbelievable show.” Jason humorously suggested that Taylor’s reluctance to meet Travis might be related to her fondness for the Eagles, considering she hails from Pennsylvania.

Travis had an on-off relationship with influencer Kayla Nicole for five years before their final breakup in 2022. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, has been romantically linked with several celebrities over the years, including Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Lautner, and Calvin Harris. Taylor’s song “Dear John” was believed to be about her past relationship with John Mayer, and she recently re-recorded it as part of her effort to regain control of her music catalog.

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During her Eras Tour, Taylor performed “Dear John” live for the first time in 11 years, sparking renewed interest in the song and her past relationship with Mayer. Taylor asked her fans not to “defend” her against John Mayer, but some online discussions criticized their age difference when they dated, with Taylor being 19 and John Mayer being 33 at the time.