In the midst of talks about Big Scarr’s funeral, the rapper’s father thanked Gucci Mane and Atlantic Records on social media for their respective contributions towards Scarr’s funeral.

According to reports, the Memphis rapper died two weeks ago at the home of his girlfriend. Big’s family has acknowledged the awful news of his untimely passing. TMZ reported in their article that he died of an “accidental prescription drug overdose“.

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Scarr’s father thanked Gucci Mane and the record company on Instagram for covering the cost of his son’s funeral.

Prior to defending them against criticism over how much they spent on Big’s funeral, he thanked Atlantic Records and Gucci for giving his son a “big boy chance” and expressed gratitude for their support.

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The late rapper’s father expressed, “I ain’t asking for nothing else. I don’t want nothing else. They sent they 10 bands. Gucci, he sent his 10 bands. I covered the rest. I appreciate that big time. Certain things was said that shouldn’t have been said. It was wrong.”

Scarr’s father once more thanked Gucci for the flowers, calling Gucci his son’s “best thing that ever happened.” “Shouts out to everybody who sent flowers. Gucci sent flowers. He did what he could,” he said.

On Instagram Live over the weekend, Scarr’s close friend and collaborator Quezz Ruthless chastised Mane for originally promising to pay for his former signee’s funeral expenses but later declining to do so.

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Before Mane noticed Scarr, he had already begun to make waves in the rap scene. In 2020, Mane signed Scarr to his label, 1017 Global Music.

In 2021, the label released his debut mixtape, Big Grim Reaper, which featured Gucci, Pooh, and Foogiano among other musicians.

In 2022, he released a special edition of his mixtape titled Big Grim Reaper: The Return, which included Offset and Quezz Ruthless

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Gucci posted a series of images on Instagram with the caption “This hurt. “I’m a miss you @bigscarr” on the day of his passing as a homage to him.