After a heated argument Bigg Boss OTT contestant Akshara Singh called Shamita Shetty ‘maasi’ (Aunt). Akshara in a conversation with Urfi Javed said that Shamita is as old as her mother. Akshara had previously fought with Shamita over food items, the Bhojpuri actress told Shamita to keep her ‘posh’ behaviour to herself.

Akshara and Urfi in their discussion age-shame Shamita. Akshara said that she was surprised to know that Shamita is in her early 40s considering the fact that she’s been working for so long.  Akshara also added that ‘maasi’ was the perfect way to describe Shamita.

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After Akshara Singh and Urfi Javed age-shame Shamita in Bigg Boss house, Kamaal R Khan tweeted that the duo was correct about Shamita’s age. Popularly known as KRK, he claimed that his Bigg Boss 3 co-contestant Shamita Shetty is 48-year-old. Shamita’s fans came to her rescue and pointed out that even her elder sister Shilpa Shetty is younger than 48 years old.

Shamita had participated in Bigg Boss 3, she had to leave the Bigg Boss house abruptly to attend her sister Shilpa Shetty’s marriage. While talking about Shamita’s previous appearance on the show Urfi said that she couldn’t do anything in her previous season.

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Shamita was previously involved in a fight with Pratik Sehajpal over food. She also fought with him during another task. Shamita and her connection Raqesh Bapat were unhappy with Pratik’s decision to save Divya Agarwal and Zeeshan from nomination. Shamita had also made a shocking revelation about choreographer Nishant Bhat who is also a Bigg Boss OTT contestant.

Upset with Pratik’s decision Shamita and Raqesh nominated themselves for the elimination round this week. Shamita and Raqesh then became the second Boss Lady and Boss Man of the house.