Actress Shamita Shetty in a conversation with singer Neha Bhasin revealed that her first boyfriend died in a car accident. Shamita got emotional while talking about her former lover. She also confessed that she has feelings for co-contestant Raqesh Bapat.

Shamita told Neha that after the death of her first boyfriend she didn’t allow anybody in her life. She also said that she took a lot of time to get herself together and put back the pieces together. Neha tried to console Shamita, while the latter also spoke about her equation with Raqesh.

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Shamita and Raqesh have been a connection since day 1 of Bigg Boss OTT until Bigg Boss dissolved the connection on Monday. The two were seen getting close to each other that made the housemates tease the two housemates to get married. Even their families have positively responded to their relationship.

Talking about Raqesh, Shamita said that it was so obvious that they like each other. She added that Raqesh is lovely but seems confused about their relationship, which was disturbing to her as she is not confused. She continued to say that when she took any decision she stands by it.

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In a task during one of the last week’s episodes, Shamita tore down the letter from her family to save her connection Raqesh Bapat from elimination. In another episode, Bigg Boss allowed Shamita and other contestants who tore their letter a chance to read their letters.

Bigg Boss OTT is a prelude to ‘Bigg Boss 15’. The makers launched the show first on the digital platform Voot for six weeks. It is hosted by filmmaker Karan Johar. After six weeks, Salman Khan will take over the show as the host on ‘Bigg Boss 15’.