Rapper Blueface has come under fire for releasing the behind-the-scenes footage of his upcoming music video where he is seen surrounded by four pregnant women. Fans called the rapper out for featuring pregnant women in his music video after urging his girlfriend Chrisean Rock to abort their child on numerous occasions.

Blueface’s relationship with Rock has been dramatic so far, to say the least. The two currently seem to be at odds with one another. Rock is pregnant with their first child together, and she is planning on giving birth to her baby. However, Blueface has advocated for her to get an abortion on numerous occasions. 

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It did not help that he shot a music video where he is seen perched on top of a car, having gala time surrounded by pregnant women all around him. Some of the women are scantily clad, baring their pregnant bumps as they laughed and swooned all around him. Two of them also reached out and stroked Blueface’s hair as he pretended to brush his hair with a hairbrush.

He also sang a number of rap lyrics from his unreleased track that appeared to be written about his girlfriend. “B***h you suck d**k, then open your mouth/Still f**k with Thotiana, we bussin’ it down,” Blueface rapped on the track in the background. “She want me to be the dad but I don’t know her child/I’m in and out a b***h life, I’m not Oscar Proud/Until the b***h get respectful, I’m so disrespectful.”

The BTS video was posted on Blueface’s Instagram. In a separate video posted on his Instagram Story, he was seen paying the women for their services with hard cash. “You did so amazing,” he tells the women. “Are you ready to get paid or what?”

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As he handed them $1,500 each in $100 bills, he adds, “You guys are stars. Superstars. Don’t let your [baby daddy] tell you otherwise. You guys are stars.”

The rapper has been heavily criticized by his fans for the video. “This is disgraceful straight over bored,” one person commented. “You embarrassing af I would’ve slap the fro off yo ahhh! The nerve of you to bash yo bm than turn around n have a shoot full of pregnant woman trying to mock her is insane!” another person wrote.

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