Following the release of the new Netflix show American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing, interest in the Tsarnaev family has been reignited. Ailina Tsarnaeva, the sister of Boston bombing suspects Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, has once again found herself in the media spotlight after her recent release from a South Boston court. She had been held in connection with a 2-year-old warrant for allegedly impeding the investigation of counterfeit money being passed at an Applebee’s in a Dorchester mall.

Tsarnaeva’s life has been complicated by her association with her infamous brothers. She has faced several legal issues over the years, and now with the release of the Netflix show, there is renewed public interest in her. Here are six things to know about Ailina Tsarnaeva:

Firstly, Tsarnaeva has had money problems, which have been a recurrent theme in her life. During her recent court appearance, her attorney George Gormley stated that she was “practically indigent” and argued for her release on her own recognizance. The prosecutors had sought a $1,500 bail for her.

Secondly, Tsarnaeva is a mother of a one-year-old child and is expecting another. In arguing for her release, Gormley highlighted her family responsibilities and stated that she was unlikely to flee.

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Thirdly, Tsarnaeva was investigated following the Boston bombings. After the bombing, Tsarnaeva claimed that she had no knowledge of the attack and had little contact with her brothers. Authorities wanted to verify her story.

Fourthly, Tsarnaeva has had a difficult relationship with her family. Following a rift with her mother, Tsarnaeva moved out of the family home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and into a shelter with her sister and child.

Fifthly, Tsarnaeva has lived in several places over the years. At the time of the bombings, she lived in West New York, New Jersey. However, she has since moved to Fairview, New Jersey.

And finally, Tsarnaeva’s connection to the Boston bombings has left her under scrutiny. She has maintained her innocence and claimed that she had no involvement in the attack. Nevertheless, her association with her brothers has kept her in the public eye and has led to several legal issues.

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In conclusion, Ailina Tsarnaeva’s life has been complicated by her association with her infamous brothers. Her legal troubles may be resolved, but her past and association with the Boston bombings will likely continue to be a topic of public interest. As the Netflix show continues to captivate viewers, it is uncertain how Tsarnaeva’s life will be affected by this renewed attention.