BTS’s ‘Yet To Come’ concert took place in Busan on October 15th, 2022. The concert started at 6 PM KST (2:30 PM IST) and took place for two hours wherein the band performed their biggest hits. This free concert was held by BTS to promote South Korea’s bid for World Expo 2030.

The band started the concert with ‘Mic Drop’, performed a much requested ‘Run BTS’ along with other bangers and concluded a ‘Yet To Come’ performance.

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The show was filled with enthusiasm, and the band members made several announcements regarding their future ventures and what fans can expect from them. Here are the highlights of the concert-

1. Jin announces his solo album- During the concert, Jin confirmed that he will be the next band member to venture into a solo career. He also pointed out that it will not be an album release but a single for whom he has worked with someone he admires.

2. Run BTS Debut- The band finally performed their much awaited song ‘Run BTS’. All the members donned biker jackets and performed energetically, which was enough for fans to be enthralled.

3. RM and Jhope talked about BTS and Army’s bond- RM and Jhope directly addressed the army, and requested them to keep trusting them. “No matter what happens in front of us/in the future, the hearts of the seven BTS members are the same, and if all of you believe in us, we will firmly/resolutely continue and happily make music, so please have faith/trust [in us] as Hoseokie said” RM said.

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4.Taehyung and Suga on ‘hiatus’ coverage- Taehyung mentioned during his ending speech that ARMYs were scared of seeing them shed tears during the Festa dinner and the ‘hiatus coverage. SUGA added that it was because of the media coverage. “Lets grow old together” SUGA said while addressing the fans.

5. Jimin said more concerts would happen- As the event reached its conclusion, Jimin said that while this concert is ending, they will keep holding more concerts in the future. “So, don’t be disappointed,” he said.

6. An iconic Taekook moment- ARMYs was blessed with Taehyung and Jungkook’s on stage display of affection. Jungkook extended his hand while performing their hit song Save Me and Taehyung could not resist. He held his hand and did a round before Jungkook finally let go.

7. RM opens the show with sass- “Haters gonna hate, players gonna play, live a life, suckers, I wish you good luck” said RM as he opened the event. His utmost swag pumped the audience as they could be heard cheering even louder.