Camila Cabello took to Instagram to post pictures of herself in the Dominican Republic, saying that she is ‘living life’. The ‘Senorita’ singer seemed to be enjoying a boat, in a black swimsuit, as she informed her fans of her recent getaway while apologizing for not having posted any pictures in a while. 

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She made a similar post on New Year’s Eve, wishing everyone well for 2022 and announcing her next album ‘Familia’. This marked her return from the short social media hiatus she’d taken. 

Recently, Cabello has also reunited with ex Shawn Mendes, two months after their split. In November 2021, the pop stars had decided to call off their relationship after they’d been dating for over two years. The duo, who vowed to remain ‘best friends’, were seen walking their dog Tarzan, in Miami, on January 6. 

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While Cabello has been bit by the travel bug, as evidenced by her pictures from Montana, Mendes has poured his emotions into his music. His song, ‘It’ll be okay‘ speaks about imagining a world where two people don’t collide. The lyrics go on to express how the feeling might make one sick, but the healing process shall begin as surely as the sun will rise. 

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He also spoke about what the song means to him, saying, “I’m having a little bit of a hard time with social media at the moment and just my relationship with it. I think that when I make music, the ultimate goal is to kind of be sitting there and have some sort of my own truth revealed to me. And a lot of the time when I’m writing songs, I’m usually using music as a platform to be able to get to a place inside of myself.” Mendes concluded by saying that he was proud of the song and grateful to his fans for connecting with his music.