Condé Nast, the company behind fashion magazine Vogue, has sued hiphop artists Drake and 21 Savage for using a fake Vogue cover to promote their latest album, Her Loss. Condé Nast’s complaint states that the song’s promotion is “built entirely on the use of the Vogue marks and the premise that Drake and 21 Savage would be featured on the cover of Vogue’s next issue”.

The company has also alleged that the two rappers have been involved in distributing fake copies of Vogue magazine with themselves on the cover in “North America’s largest metropolitan areas”.

Check out the alleged fake Vogue cover right here:

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In the post, Drake has also thanked the magazine’s chief editor, Anna Wintour. However, Conde Nast’s complaint states that the 73-year-old veteran journalist “had no involvement in ‘Her Loss’ or its promotion”.

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The company further added that it has been in touch with both rappers, but their “flippant disregard for Condé Nast’s rights have left it with no choice but to commence this action”, in an apparent reference to the lawsuit brought against the two musicians.

A minimum of $4 million in damages, or triple the defendants’ record and “counterfeit” magazine sales revenue, is what the worldwide media firm is seeking. Additionally, they demand punitive damages, the removal of the false magazine photos from the rappers’ websites and social media accounts, as well as an end to all future trademark infringement.

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Vogue is not the only media house that the rappers are using for creating fake promotional media. They have also faked appearing on The Howard Stern Show and on Tiny Desk on the NPR Network.

While the owners of Vogue are suing them, some like Stern seem to enjoy their new promotional tactics. Stern remarked on his show, “Drake did such a good job that news outlets are reporting on it as if it’s real, and that’s sort of the weird thing about our lives now”.