A video of Chris Brown in a heated argument during Missy Elliott’s set in a Las Vegas concert is going viral on social media. The incident apparently took place one day after the rapper got in a fight with Usher at his birthday party.

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However, no details are available on who Brown was fighting with. The argument looked heated.

Watch video:

On Friday, in Las Vegas, Usher and Chris Brown were seen fighting while they celebrated the former’s birthday.

The party was hosted by Usher at Skate Rock City as his colleague and friend turned 34. The R&B rapper was also seen singing ‘Happy Birthday To You’.

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As per media reports, Brown was completely drunk at the party and disrespected Teyana Taylor at some point. Usher tried to intervene.

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Chris Brown then reportedly called Usher a ‘coward’ before leaving the bash. The latter followed him to discuss what happened. That is when the former’s crew allegedly jumped him.

Usher reportedly was left with a bloody nose.

However, when Usher took the stage on Saturday at the ‘Lovers and Friends’ music festival, there was no sign of an injury.

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None of the two parties have spoken about the incident yet.

“Chris Brown will never change because he’ll never be forced into any real contrition. His celeb friends and fans will always find an excuse and plead for grace,” a Twitter user said.

“Uhhh, Chris Brown really fought Usher at the birthday party Usher threw for him?! Tell me that’s not true,” another one added.