David Crosby, a singer-songwriter-guitarist who was a founding member of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash (later Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young), two hugely successful and influential 1960s rock bands, has passed away, according to his representative. Age-wise, he was 81. No cause of death has been made public.

The multi-talented musician, known for his successful career, has also been embroiled in controversy.

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Although David was detained on several separate occasions, his imprisonment in 1985 was the most significant episode. 

Here are all allegations explained:

1982 Texas cocaine possession

David was detained in Texas in 1982 after abusing drugs for several years. His extensive drug use is what prompted Dallas police to search his dressing room at Cardi’s nightclub. Numerous police officers were on the scene, and David was there free-basing in full view, according to the Dallas Morning News. He was taken into custody for cocaine possession, a felony. In addition, a.45 calibre semiautomatic weapon was discovered by police in his backpack, which increased the charges against him.

David claimed that after John Lennon was killed a few years previously, he began carrying the weapon. As a result of the arrest, David ultimately spent nine months in jail, which he later said helped him overcome his addictions.

David claimed that his stint in prison saved his life in an interview with the Dallas Morning News in 2014.

Going to prison was “not a pleasant way to get off that train [of drug abuse], but it worked,” he added. In fact, it was a difficult path, but it worked. I actually wrote that judge a thank-you note. I just wanted you to know that it worked this time, I said. I’m getting married. I’m working. I’m taking a straight test. Life is treating me well. And I thank you,” Crosby said.

He was eventually released after only serving about nine months. While the prison sentence may have helped David kick his drug habit, it was not the last time he got into trouble with the law.

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1985 hit-and-run

Crosby was detained in a hit-and-run incident that same year, but this detention was brief and did not result in a lengthy sentence. According to accounts from the arrest, Crosby crashed his car into a fence in a Marine County, Northern California, area. When the cops searched him, they discovered drugs and a.45 calibre revolver.

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2004 firearms and drug allegations

David was detained in New York in 2004 on allegations related to both firearms and drugs, however the only drug present was marijuana. David was detained for the offence for over 12 hours before being eventually freed on a $3,500 bond. He admitted to the accusations, and in exchange for a $5,000 fine, no jail term was imposed. It appears that his criminal record has been clear ever since.