There are some rumours that the pregnant Rihanna has split up with her boyfriend A$AP Rocky. While this news has not been independently verified by Opoyi, Hollywood tabloid Kurro claimed the reason to be Rocky cheating with Fenty footwear designer Amina Muaddi. 

A Twitter user also made similar claims and further drew public memory to the time Muaddi and Rocky had collaborated on designing shoes.

At the time, Muaddi had told Vogue “For me, it was important that the first collaboration I do is one that is special and close to my heart”, adding, “I wanted to do it with someone who shares my values and my perspective on creativity and design. Rocky doesn’t compromise himself in his work or whatever he does; he’s a perfectionist the same way I am”. 

Notably, Rocky and Rihanna had announced their pregnancy in 2022, and the rapper has shown his love and commitment to his partner on many previous occasions. 

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The current rumours have drawn reactions from internet users, many of whom have joked that with Rocky out of the picture, it is Drake’s turn to step up as father of the child. Some have also called Rocky’s alleged actions the worst fumble in history, and there’s been some outrage about the rapper cheating on a pregnant woman. 

Muaddi is born to a Jordanian father and Romanian mother and showed a determination to work in the fashion industry since she was nine. She had a steady career as an assistant stylist working for outlets like Conde Nast and GQ Magazine. 

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Her interest in making footwear took her to Riviera del Brenta, and then in 2017, the Jordanian-Romanian launched her own brand which was worn by celebrities like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Rihanna. 

After that, Muaddi was hired by Rihanna in 2018 to design footwear for Fenty, which came out in July 2020.