Will Smith’s public apology “meant nothing,” according to Chris Rock, who still hasn’t received a private apology from the actor regarding the controversial Oscars slapgate.

The 58-year-old comic caused a significant uproar this week when, one year after the sensational awards show, he reignited the scandal in a Netflix stand-up special by humiliating Smith, 54.

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During the show’s finale, Rock accused Smith of displaying “selective indignation,” and he further aggravated the situation by bringing up his wife Jada’s affair. A source close to Rock tells DailyMail.com that it could have been prevented with a simple “I’m sorry,” though.

A source close to the comedian maintained that Rock never received a personal apology from Smith; only the public one, which essentially meant nothing. In reality, Smith has only spoken about the matter twice, once in a video contrition and once on Instagram the day after the Oscars.

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But the insider maintained that Rock’s choice to rehash the scandal in his Netflix show had nothing to do with seeking revenge, but was rather a way for the comedian to ‘get it all out’ and ‘be done with it’.

Rock desired to put this behind him once and for all. He found this to be extremely cathartic, the insider continued. When it came to bringing up the Slapgate controversy on stage, the comedian most definitely didn’t hold back.

Instead, he intensified his criticism of the famous pair by bringing up Jada’s acknowledged liaison with musician August Alsini, 30, who is a close friend of her son Jaden, in 2020.

Rock explained to a stunned audience, both live and on site, that Smith had misdirected his rage because “his wife was her son’s friend.”

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Rock’s embarrassing backlash was broadcast precisely one week before the 2023 Oscars, which are scheduled for March 12 and which Smith has been barred from attending for the next ten years as punishment for his violent outburst at last year’s celebration.

The source refuted assertions that Rock played any role in determining when the Netflix special would air, telling DailyMail.com that Netflix made that decision, not Rock.

Along with making fun of Jada’s relationship, Rock also attacked Meghan Markle during his show, calling her “acting all dumb” for not understanding that the royal family is the “OGs of racism.”

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Social media users reacted angrily and accused Rock of being prejudiced for bringing up the touchy subject.

Rock’s close friends and family strongly differ and told DailyMail.com that he is not at all racist. There is no possible way that this is true.

Rock is a black man who makes jokes about other black people from the viewpoint of a black person. He is completely in love with everyone, including persons of colour.

When Rock ascended the stage to present the Oscar for best documentary feature in March 2022, the infamous slap happened. He turned to Smith and Jada and made light of her shaved head by saying that he was ‘looking forward’ to seeing her in G.I. Jane.

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Smith jumped onto the platform right away and hit Rock in the side of the head.

“Keep my wife’s mother’s f***ing name out of your f**king mouth”, he yelled as he made his way back to his front row seat.

Smith was compelled to resign from the Academy in the weeks that followed, and he was then expelled for ten years.

Smith expressed his regret to Rock on Instagram the day after the assault, writing, “I would like to apologise to you Rock, I was out of line and I was wrong.”

In July 2022, Smith once again apologised to Rock in a video. “I’m available for discussion whenever you’re ready, and my conduct was unacceptable.”

According to a recent People article, a source close to Smith claimed that he had “tried unsuccessfully to make amends in the best manner he could with Rock,” though the source claims that those efforts had not yet included calling Rock directly.