Kesha is cooking something new, and she has given her fans an exclusive heads-up! The singer-songwriter appeared live from her Instagram profile for less than a minute and was seen eating a burger while a song was playing in the background. Speculations are rife that the song was the singer’s upcoming release. 

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Watch the video of her Instagram live here: 

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The 35-year-old singer last released the Album High road back in January 2020. It was her fourth studio album and although it got good reviews from critics, it performed only moderately when it comes to the commercial side of it. Since the release of High Road, the singer-songwriter collaborated on a number of singles, such as “Chasing Rainbows” with Big Freedia, “Since I Was Young” with Wrabel, and “Stronger” with Dutch DJ, Sam Feldt.

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It is not yet clear if the new music that she played during the short Instagram live was a new album or a new single. However, given the fact that her studio albums have been few and spread out over a few years, it is unlikely that a new album is underway for her.

She sings in a mezzo-soprano range, has a “strong, sneering vibrato,” and her voice has a characteristic yodel-like tone; on the songs “Tik Tok” and “Cannibal,” she actually yodels which adds to their viral quality and uniqueness. 

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She knew exactly the synth-pop sound she desired for her debut album because she had previously performed in the genres of country, pop-rock, and electro.