Michael Bibi has been diagnosed with central nervous system lymphoma, a rare cancer that affects the spine and brain, and has been hospitalized for treatment.

Last month, after a period of inactivity, he shared details about health problems he was facing, which he initially thought was tinnitus.

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Now after testing and consultation with doctors, he has shared further details of his condition in a post on Instagram, writing: “Hello world, writing this post is a hard one.. last week I was diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma. A very rare cancer that effects the brain & spine.”

“Unfortunately it’s moving fast & l to have to stay in hospital starting treatment immediately.”

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“Typing this message doesn’t quite seem real & I’m sorry for the bad news. I don’t know what lies ahead, I’m tired but I know I am strong & I won’t let this beat me.”

“Wish me luck & I will be back stronger for you all. Love Bibi”.

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Primary central nervous system (CNS) lymphoma occurs when cancer cells form in the lymph tissue of the brain and/or spinal cord, according to the National Cancer Institute. CNS lymphoma is rare, according to the Cleveland Clinic, with about 1,500 new cases in the United States each year.

In a statement posted to Instagram Monday (June 5) by Bibi’s management agency Prime Culture, it was announced that the Solid Grooves label head is currently undergoing cancer treatment and will not be playing any shows “for the foreseeable future.”

“We are deeply sorry to share the bad news that a week ago Michael Bibi has been diagnosed with CNS Lymphoma, a rare cancer of the brain,” the statement reads. “Michael is currently undergoing cancer treatment in hospital, supported by his close friends and family. While he is in treatment, he will be unavailable for any shows for the foreseeable future as he takes time away to recover.