The opening sequence of Doctor Strange 2 tells us about a remarkable book named the Book of Vishanti. The Book of Vishanti plays a vital role in the events of the film, and it has a long history in Marvel Comics, particularly with Doctor Strange.

The Book of the Vishanti is a book that provides the reader with a comprehensive collection of magical spells.

The book has traditionally been held in the hands of the Sorcerer Supreme, who in ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ is Wong (played by Benedict Wong). Spellcasters use the book to learn, and Doctor Strange uses it to protect his realm from mysterious threats throughout the comics.

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The 5 most powerful spells in the book of Vishanti-

Vampire Verses

The Vampire Verses spell establishes a series of verses that have the potential to turn the dead into vampires.

Holcate Illusion of the Fears

This spell enables the user to generate terrible illusions in order to terrorise someone.

Corelli’s Exorcism Reversal Battle Attack

This spell can be used to release someone who has been possessed by a magical entity.

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Yoovies Spell of Itemized Protection 

This spell can be cast over an object to prohibit others from possessing it.

The Group Spell of Dimension Reversal: 

This spell banished the Celestial Destructor.

The Celestial Destructor was one of the Aspirants sent by the First Firmament to corrupt and harm Eternity (fictional cosmic entity) as much as possible. Celestial Destructor was present in another dimension and used a rift in space to enter the dimension where Earth was located, arriving in the midst of New York City, near Times Square.

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The Book of the Vishanti is the polar opposite of the Darkhold‘s pages. The Darkhold provides readers with limitless wisdom on black magic, death, and chaos. The Book of Vishanti contains the secrets to life, restoration, healing, and protection.

Throughout the film, the Book of the Vishanti and the Darkhold are essentially pitted against one another, with opposing armies using both dark and light magic.